National and international transport of goods with temperature control or dry goods. To develop this activity, La Archenera has 120 tractor heads with their corresponding frigo- trailers and 35 tractor heads with semi-trailers with sackcloth for the transport of dry goods. Those equipments are usually renewed every 3 or 4 years.

The international office is placed in Archena (Murcia – Spain) with qualified personal doing labours of logistic, administration, commercial and management.

The national transport is arranged in the office placed in P.I. Base 2000 of Lorqui (Murcia – Spain) whose personal make labours of logistic and administration.

Naves La Archenera

La Archenera Logística S.L.
Avda. Dr. Mario Spreático, 88. Apdo. 146 30600 Archena (Murcia)
Tlf. 968 671 192